About BeatBox DC

Beatbox DC, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in the District of Columbia, creates community through amazing music, art and dance; partnering with community festivals, events, fundraisers, street parties, and other people and places throughout the District. Our primary vehicle is a vehicle: a re-purposed ambulance converted into a music-pumping, party-making, joy-inducing art car.

The people behind the BeatBox are dedicated to unifying communities and we believe music and dance bring value and joy to peoples’ lives. That’s why we are committed to bringing the BeatBox to community-based free events where people from diverse backgrounds come together to share music, dance and smiles. We believe that community can only be built on a foundation of inclusiveness.

We support and partner with local businesses, non-profits, and arts organizations, and we are committed to our non-profit status.

All donations to BeatBox DC are tax-deductible.



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